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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Yellowfin Japan
10/5 15:00-15:40

Disruption in Data Analytics space - changes from Augmented Analytics and how to face data leverage challenge -

Today, how many companies have actually achieved all needs across business with building their dashboards? While technology around analytics tool and database has been improved dramatically, use adoption rate still remain less than 20%.
Gartner stated Augmented Analytics is defined as machine learning/AI embedded analytics, and Yellowfin is recognised as one of the leaders delivering those values.
Yellowfin will bring innovation to traditional BI experience, and disrupt the industry. In this session, our customer, Value Commerce will talk about their BI project implemented Yellowfin throughout enterprise. Additionally we are introducing our new release, automated analytics feature, aggregation/analysis solution of digital ad data.


Yugo Hayashi
Yellowfin Japan
Managing Director - East Asia
Sales at a partner company of Yellowfin, Yugo Hayashi worked for 6 years in BI industry. In 2014, Yellowfin, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, founded Yellowfin Japan, and he joined as one the foundation members. Today, he works as a Director of Yellowfin Japan and East Asia.
Satoshi Hase
Customer Relation


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