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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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【Case study】How Renoveru uses "internet access logs" for web advertisement.

“Though I know in my head that it would be better to utilize data for advertisements, I don’t know how to actually do it.” The worries of using data for advertising never ends. Therefore, today for only this cause, out of all our clients, we would be honored to introduce an example of web access log utilization in “Renoveru”, a company that lead in the industry of one stop renovations of second-hand housing.Then WHAT IS this data that leads to measures, this ex-professional SUUMO key man and professional data analyst talks about?Since the dialogue we will hold would be something that you can utilize according to actual everyday situations on site from this day forward, we would love it if you could spare us your time.


Kenji Gotoh
Executive vice-president
I joined Recruit Co., Ltd in 1992. I planned multiple projects, and took charge of the EC site.After I worked in Recruit Co., Ltd, joined Macromill Co., Ltd., as an executive officer and conducted a new service, new business development, etc.In 2009, Tsujimoto, former Macromill representative, and I launched VALLEUS Co., Ltd. We provide internet behavior analysis service, using permission obtained log data of hundreds of thousands people. We are solving marketing issues in various industries such as automobiles, real estate, daily necessities and finance.
Yoshiaki Saito
Promotion Division, Senior Manager
I'm a senior manager at VALUES, a company that specializes in consulting services for marketing research and digital marketing. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from Hitotsubashi University. I have approximately 10 years of experience in internet marketing at a Japanese online broker for stock/FX trading. I also have specialized knowledge of corporate planning, as well as deep insights into the business development in Japanese financial market. I am now responsible for VALUES’s Big data-oriented advertising business.
Yoshiki Imai
Renoveru co., ltd.
Operating officer
Joined Recruit Co., Ltd in 2001. Since then have engaged in IT and residential business, from attracting SUUMO customers to constructing Web sites, developing systems and supporting real estate companies. Since 2016, I have lead the technology field of Recruit Sumai Company as General Manager of the IT Strategy Division. In 2018, I took part in the Renoveru, then was assumed of office as executive officer (marketing staff).I am currently supervising the development and implementation of the company's marketing strategy of the Renoveru, which include online and offline services.


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