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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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So-net Media Networks Corp.
10/4 13:00-13:40

Understanding the customer insights by applying AI ~the best ways to optimize marketing communication~

Marketing AI platform “VALIS-Cockpit”, installing in-house developed AI “VALIS-Engine”, analyzes and visualizes the web browsing behaviors and it makes marketers possible to understand user insights. Connecting VALIS-Cockpit to DSP “Logicad” seamlessly, marketers understand how to reach the target audiences since Logicad has some partnerships with data providers. So-net Media Networks introduces the way to find the user insights and educate the users to optimize the marketing communication with the right target.


Nanako Kurosawa
So-net Media Networks Corp.
Business Development Chef Planner
Nanako Kurosawa joined So-net Media Networks in 2015 and learned about building the startups. She is in charge of planning by applying in-house AI and data for mid to long-term business. One of the engaged products are `VALIS-Cockpit”, a marketing platform understanding user insights. The products are utilizing various data to expand the target, not only advertises for direct responses but brands.
Jihye Youn
So-net Media Networks Corp.
Service Planning Chief Director
Youn Jihye joined So-net Media Networks in 2015. She is in charge of making the product growth especially DSP “Logicad”, installed in-house developed AI.
To create Logicad superior in the ad tech field, she manages planning, development, and strategic sales of new products.


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