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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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FeliCa Networks, Inc.
10/4 14:00-14:40

Introduction of receipt solutions and the case of Lion Corp.'s marketing

In this presentation, we introduce our marketing solutions using "receipts", which attracts significant attention.

We provide the best solutions utilizing receipt potential.
i) Receipt Campaign Platform
ii) Receipt Analysis Platform
iii) Marketing Data Service of Home Bookkeeping (Kakeibo)

In the latter part, Lion's marketer describes how the solutions enabled to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities.


Jun Tada
FeliCa Networks, Inc.
Products & Services Dept. Business Planning Sec. Manager
In previous company, ITX corp., engaged in service planning.After joining in FeliCa Networks, has been in charge of corporate strategy and business development.Planned startup of receipt business in 2015, and launched cutting-edge receipt solutions in 2016.


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