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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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10/5 16:00-16:40

From Last Click Attribution to Incrementality

By measuring incrementality, which means incremental impact on sales, you can prevent from investing in ineffective Ad and keep on growing your business. Will talk about the way to shift from Last Click Attribution, which gives 100% credit to the ad clicked lastly, to Incrementality with 5 business case studies in Japan.


Daisuke Akiba
Marketing Science Lead
After graduating Keio University,launched and managed several mobile services. Joined in Wunderman Tokyo in 2008 and engaed in planning marketing strategy based on Data analysis. After the company, started a company which provided data analysis for social gaming companies and planned and managed social gaming apps. Since 2014, after joining in Facebook, has been working mainly for DR clients and engaging in working data analysis and measureing ad effectiveness.


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