adtech tokyo

October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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CyberAgent, Inc.
10/5 14:00-14:40

How We Change Customers' Ad-Experience with Our Ad-Techs.

We show some case studies, you'll know how the way of branding & SP changed with our ad-techs.


Kazushi Fujita
CyberAgent, Inc.
Adtech Headquarters, Branding&SP Technology Div, GM / CPO
My mission : Changing the way of Branding & Sales Promotion with our Ad-Technologies.Now, I'm in charge of AIR TRACK (a GPS-based SP Platform), LODEO (a Interactive Video Platform), Skyrocket (a Dwell-Time Maximizing DSP) to improve advertising experience.
Tetsu Kato
CyberAgent, Inc.
Adtech Headquarters, LODEO Company,Product Manager
I'm challenging to open up the way of next-generation video advertising with our Ad-Technologies.
Managing development and sales of "LODEO"(Video Ad-network for smartphone)


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