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October 29th-30th,
2020 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Jean-Dominique François
Hello Tomorrow Japan
Co-Founder 代表理事

For more than 15 years, Jean-Dominique has been instrumental for the growth of start-up companies in Europe and Asia (mostly Japan) whether as manager, shareholder, founder or advisor. Then, thanks to a comprehensive understanding of start-ups and their ecosystem, for 6 years, Jean-Dominique has been appointed several times by French public institutions in order to help French and Japanese private and public stakeholders to better know each other, serve innovative and fast changing ecosystems. He launched the hub French Tech in Japan, French Tech Tokyo, and developed French-Japanese partnerships in innovation. Jean-Dominique is currently CEO of Euro Innovation Centers, Hello Tomorrow Ambassador in Japan and co-founder of the Japan Deep Tech Association (一般社団法人日本ディープテック協会).